2048 is the first game launched by PandaSwap.

Game description

Use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys on the keyboard (on the computer side) or sliding on the touch screen (on the mobile side) to move the slider. Two sliders with the same number will be merged into a double-number slider.

How to play

You can start playing every time you pay 200PND.

Play to earn

Every 6 hours is a round, each round of the game mining pool will automatically produce 5,000 PND into the prize pool, and the PND paid by the users will accumulate to form the total prize pool for each round. At the same time, the remaining amount of the prize pool from the previous round will be automatically carried forward to the next round of prize pool.
At the end of each round, 60% of the PND in the prize pool will be awarded to 10 random players who scored in the game per their scores as weight, 30% of the prize pool will enter the next prize pool, and 10% of the prize pool will be destructed.
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