Community Bond
One of the reasons for the success of an NFT project is collaboration. Although, PandaSwap is a DEX that is primarily deployed on OKExChain (OEC), but down the line, the team has plans to deploy on other prominent chains like the Ethereum as well the new chains like Arbitrum. This exposes the PandaPunks community to have access to wide range of user base across the world. This is because different chains have varying levels of popularity in different regions of the world. OEC has huge acceptance among Chinese users, while a chain like Polygon is very popular in India.
PandaPunks is a collection of unique NFT series that will be launched on multiple chains. Meaning that users on OEC or on Ethereum can both own their favourite PandaPunks NFTs.
And by deploying PandaPunks on these chains, we can effectively bond a broad group of users with a common interest that normally would not communicate, this NFT will become their common point.
Last modified 2mo ago
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