Concept and application
Inspired by the modern Crypto Art movement, Pandapunks are unique pixel panda characters that are created by the artist and stored in the smart contract based on the blockchain. You can own multiple or single PandaPunks on your blockchain wallet. Each character is unique. PandaPunks can be purchased on the NFT marketplace. PandaPunks is moving to become the most expensive collection of Pandas in the world.
Each Panda has its own unique profile which can be viewed on the Marketplace, it is important to note that each panda has different characteristics. The transactional history of each Panda can also be accessed. Once a Panda art is released, due to the nature of the Blockchain technology it cannot be altered or adjusted.
PandaPunks owners have exclusive licenses to use, copy, and display purchased PandaPunks for commercial use. If you would love to use PandaPunks for commercial use, you need to require consent from the current owner.
PandaPunks are metacreatures in the metaverse to which PandaSwap belongs. In the future, more metaverse explorations will be conducted around it. It may be used as an ID verification identifier, and users will participate in meta-community governance through it, or directly participate in some form In GameFi, several attributes contained in each NFT make it easy to implement a certain function. In addition, perhaps in the future PandaPunks will also derive new varieties of mutations.
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