2021 Q1

Launch on OKEx Chain mainnet
Launch platform token PND
Open beta to test liquid mining
Launch data analysis module, providing open and transparent data on the chain

2021 Q2

Develop a pledge module, deposit PND to get reward
Open PandaStarter platform to help early project safe IDO
Develop NFT functions, empower PND ecology, and realize dividends and governance based on NFT shareholders
Drive project cooperation and open more LP mining pools to expand PND ecosystem

2021 Q3

Execute multi-chain deployment, deploy on the Arbitrum Layer 2 network
Launched the NFT trading platform and cooperated with global digital artists to create an NFT ecosystem on the OEC chain
Initially explored the GameFi field, launched the first blockchain game, and take the first step towards GameFi empowering PND

2021 Q4

Relying on the Play To Earn business model, focusing on the development of the GameFi ecosystem, fully independent development and launch of the GameFi card battle game
Empower a multi-faceted business model, promote project cooperation, carry out DAO governance, establish a community management mechanism, and transition to achieve decentralized operations
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