The members of the start-up team are all overseas returnees. Before returning to China, they have many years of working experience in Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Samsung, HP etc. The technical leader has a doctorate in computer science from Iowa State University in the United States. The team has developed multiple blockchain projects when abroad, and has rich development and operation experience. Prior to this, the team has established a security audit company in the UK and legally registered with the local government, and is proficient in contract security management.


Kenneth has been working in supply chain management for Fortune 500 companies for the first 15 years of his career. Before starting his own business, he was a branch manager of the world's leading information management company GRM. This experience helped him become an excellent professional manager. Kenneth has been in contact with Bitcoin and participated in investment in 2013, and later started a business with partners he knew at work, and tried to use his management experience to give the project the possibility of good development.


ALEX obtained his Ph.D. in computer science in the United States. During his stay in the United States, he also participated in projects of world-class companies such as Google. He has unremitting pursuit and enthusiasm for technology. ALEX began to participate in the development of many blockchain projects in 2017 to maintain his cutting-edge perception of technology.

David Jia - Community Manager

David likes food, movies and travel. He is keen to make friends with people from all over the world. Our team often meet in his home. David speaks fluent Mandarin, Cantonese and English. He likes cryptocurrency and is a fan of Musk.
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