Burn PND
PND point will have diverse deflationary features that sustain its long-term market value. In terms of burned points, at inception, we will send x% point to a black hole address, this part is called Cross-chain Reserved Destruction. When we deploy on other chains, that x% will be recovered on other chains. On the other hand, the fee earned by the blackhole will not be recovered, this part becomes Burning Destruction. This is our two-level point destruction mechanism.
For example, consider that our point total supply is 1 billion, and we send 400 million points to the blackhole at inception. Subsequently, the blackhole address will also get its own share of the 1% fee that is charged on every transaction since, technically, it also holds points. If after a month, the blackhole now holds 410 million points, having earned 10 million points from the auto-farming rewards. When we deploy points on 2nd chain, 400 million points will be recovered. The 10 million gains from auto-farming is really burned and destroyed forever. If we need to deploy more than 400 million points on the 2nd chain, we must buy back the points from 1st chain and destroy them so that the same amount can be deployed on the 2nd chain.
Continuing this example, when we deploy on the 3rd chain, we also need to buy back the points on the 1st or 2nd chain and destroy them, so that the same amount can be deployed on the 3rd chain. But in any case, the transaction fee obtained by the blackhole address on each chain will be completely destroyed and will never be restored.
The Cross-chain Reserved Destruction will effectively curtail supply on each blockchain, while the Burning Destruction impose deflationary pressure on the total circulation supply over time.
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