Multi-chain Shared Total Supply
PND token offers a significant improvement on similar tokens that currently exist on the market. Quite notably, there are many prominent blockchains like ETH, BSC, to name a few. Each of these chains has its own distinctive features and advantages.
To leverage these features and make their projects available to a wider range of users, most developers often have to deploy their projects across different chains.
In the process of cross-chain deployment, some developers effectively multiply their aggregate token supply. For instance, if the original total supply on Chain A is 1 billion tokens, they indirectly add another 1 billion units upon deployment on Chain B, thereby bringing the aggregate supply to 2 billion tokens.
This leads to severe inflationary pressures that consequently reduce the value of the tokens possessed by holders and investors across all chains.
We offer a significant improvement in this regard. Our token will be deployed across different chains, but its total supply will remain constant forever. We will put in place auto-burn measures to ensure that the aggregate quantity of our token across every chain is 1 billion. It will never exceed that.
Suppose we deploy 1 billion tokens on Chain A. When we move to deploy our token on Chain B, we will buy back and destroy 500 million tokens – half the token supply on the original Chain A.
We will then proceed to mint the equivalent quantity of the destroyed tokens on Chain B - 500 million.
This way, we will keep the aggregate quantity of tokens in circulation constant at 1 billion units.
This will help to sustain deflationary pressures and create relative scarcity as more people hold our tokens. This will incentivize users to hold our token much longer as the value increases over time.
Last modified 4mo ago
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