Ticker: PND

Contract Address: to be deployed when mainnet ready

Chain: OKEx Chain

PND is platform governance token, and it is also a token that powers the PandaSwap ecosystem. PandaSwap's economic model will be built around PND, fee repurchase, IFO destruction, NFT payment and other scenarios will use PND as the medium.

Total Supply

1,000,000,000 PND

Distribution Plan

40% blackhole: burning destruction (refer to Burn PND

30% mining pool:use for liquidity mining and staking rewards

6% future mining pool:DAO will decide new pools

3% DAO operation:marketing, cooperation, giveaways...

12% provide liquidity:public sale(IDO or IEO),listing, dex liquidity

6% early investors: invest capitals, angel investors and private sale for initial start-up (relesae 30% on mainnet launch, others released during 6 months)

3% project team:for long time development (lock for 6 months, then release during a year)

Token Sale

Seed round: 4%, $0.01

Private sale: 2%, $0.015

Public sale: 0.5%, $0.03